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Stairs can be designed straight up and down, have gentle curves or even include right angles with landings.

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Variety Of Stair Options

We supply Armour Stone to individuals and contractors in 60 tonne loads or as part of a residential landscape renovation project.

Stairs can be designed straight up and down, have gentle curves or even include right angles with landings. Each style is custom built and designed by Armour Stone Ottawa so our clients get the stairs that match their landscape project. Make a statement with your armour stone staircase and have it be the focal point and feature of your landscape design.

Popular Stair Projects

  • Front porch entrances
  • Tiered patios and terraces
  • Walk out deck stairs
  • Armour stone grand walkway

Interlock Stairs With Armour Stone Border

Do you want your patio to flow into the stairs leading to the entrance of your home? We combine the power of armour stone with the elegance of interlock in your design. Imagine an interlock walkway and patio defined by large spans of 5 foot armour stones. The advantage of choosing Armour Stone Ottawa as your landscape contractor means you get a company that is large enough to customize your project exactly how you want it.

How Many Steps Do I Need?

To calculate the number of stairs your project requires measure the total rise in the slope (height) and divide that number by 8. For example if the difference in height was 80” your project would require (80/8 = 10) 10 steps.

Matching Slope and Design

Building stairs requires planning and a keen eye to know what kind of slope looks best. Matching the grade of your property with the slope of the stairs can be achieved by lengthening the landing of each stair. Armour Stone Ottawa designers consider all options and determine which style best suits your property and lifestyle.

Why Choose Us?

Armour Stone Ottawa has been building outdoor landscaping stairs in Ottawa since 2005. We have the expertise and knowledge to make sure your project is built properly and done right. Our interlock stairs are guaranteed against defects in pavers and we can repair your project if you run into any issues. Our after care service is excellent and choosing us means you can rest easy knowing your project is going to last.

Landscape Design At Your Service

A quality interlock design should consider all factors like materials, grade, plants and budget. A good designer provides advice and gives feedback about what features your dream project consists of. Our designers work with the client to maximize budgets and get the best value possible for your interlock project. We do things right from the very beginning and that starts with understanding the clients wants and needs and delivering at every step of the way.

Ready To Book Your Free In Home Consultation?

Give us a call and we will send our designer to your home to chat with your family and answer any questions you have.  We make recommendations and aim to inspire you to get your project started on the right path.

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