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Raised beds

Armour Stone Ottawa can soften up your hardscape by adding a raised garden bed.

We supply Armour Stone to individuals and contractors in 60 tonne loads or as part of a residential landscape renovation project.

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Combining Hard & Soft Scapes With Raised Beds

Armour Stone Ottawa can soften up your hardscape by adding a raised garden bed. They can be made from armour stone or interlock pavers. We can transform your yard into a dreamscape complete with gardens and raised beds in any shape you want.

Where Should I Put A Raised Garden Bed?

Deciding where to build your garden will depend on the size and shape of your yard and most importantly the path of the sun in summer months. Our team can help your choose the best location so your flowers and vegetables get the most amount of sunshine or shade depending on what you’d like to grow.

Interlock or Armour Stone Choices

Choosing Armour Stone Ottawa as your landscaping contractor means you get a company that can combine interlock projects with larger scale armour stone installations. We design, engineer and build raised flower beds that are small, medium and large in size using various types of brick shapes and sizes.

Interlock Services We Offer

Landscape Design At Your Service

A quality interlock design should consider all factors like materials, grade, plants and budget. A good designer provides advice and gives feedback about what features your dream project has. Our designers work with the client to maximize budgets and provide the best value possible for your interlock project. We do things right from the very beginning and that starts with understanding the clients wants and needs and delivering at every step of the way.

Ready To Book Your Free In Home Consultation?

Give us a call and we will send our designer to your home to chat with your family and answer any questions you have.  We make recommendations and aim to inspire you to get your project started on the right path. Got a question about interlock raised beds? Email or Call us

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