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Armour Stone

Choosing to build with Armour Stone makes a statement about your landscape.

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Make A Statement With Armour Stone

We supply Armour Stone to individuals and contractors in 60 tonne loads or as part of a residential landscape renovation project.

Choosing to build with Armour Stone makes a statement about your landscape. Armour Stone is perfect for adding character, being powerful, and building projects that last for centuries. No matter what kind of project you have in mind, armour stone is guaranteed to transform your outdoor living space into the hardscape of your dreams.

What is Armour Stone?

Armour Stone is a natural quarry rock that is extremely large in size and usually a uniform rectangular shape. Armour Stone is drilled and blasted out of the ground in quarries from Ontario and Quebec. Armour Stone comes in a range of sizes from 8-20” in height, 3-5’ in length, and 24-36” in depth.

Stunning Product Proven To Withstand The Test of Time

Armour Stone makes beautiful landscapes better with a natural material that is guaranteed to last. These stones have been part of the Canadian geology for millions of years and choosing armour stone for your design means you get a product that can stand up to weathering and erosion. With lots of sizes and colours available, this low maintenance building material is naturally built to last.

How To Estimate Amount of Material Required for Armour Stone project?

The math is pretty easy. To estimate how much armour stone your project needs just multiply the height x length, then multiply by 425, then divide by 2000. This number is the estimated amount of armour stone you need in tonnes.

Make a Statement On Your Landscaping Project With Armour Stone

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