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how your style with the bricks and pattern you choose, and compliment your home with a nice accent colour or border

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Interlock Driveways Are Ottawa’s Number One Choice

There is nothing as impressive as a driveway that is finished completely with interlock. Show your style with the bricks and pattern you choose, and compliment your home with a nice accent colour or border. Armour Stone Ottawa specializes in working on larger scale interlock projects. Hiring us means you get access to our full catalog of armour stone if you wanted to add an accent piece or border to your driveway. Most driveway projects are no match for our size and can often be completed in a single day.

Durable & Strong Driveway Options

Armour Stone Ottawa driveways are durable and strong. Our driveways are made to withstand the weight of multiple vehicles parked on the entire surface. We can use either precast or natural pavers depending on the budget of your project – but both are great choices and built to last. We dig a deep foundation designed to properly drain water and handle the freeze/thaw cycle of the Ottawa winters. With all of these strengths it’s no wonder why interlock driveways are the premiere choice in Ottawa.

Increased Curb Appeal & Home Value

Resurfacing your driveway is a great way to increase the value of your home. An interlock driveway installed by Armour Stone Ottawa can last beyond 25 years. When it comes to renovating your driveway choose the lasting option that increases property value.

On a Budget? Consider Driveway Extensions

An interlock driveway extension is an easy way to expand the square footage of your driveway, increase curb appeal, while saving some money. By paving the centre of your driveway and only installing interlock around the perimetre you get the best of both worlds, great style and saving money.

Interlock Easily Repaired

Why go with an asphalt driveway that loses aggregate, is unrepairable, and requires sealing and annual maintenance? With an interlock driveway there is no maintenance needed ever. In the event you have a problem with your driveway, interlock is easily repaired. It is also covered under our great and hassle free warranty.

Interlock Services We Offer

Landscape Design At Your Service

A quality interlock design should consider all factors like materials, grade, plants and budget. A good designer provides advice and gives feedback about what features your dream project has. Our designers work with the client to maximize budgets and get the best value possible for your interlock project. We do things right from the very beginning and that starts with understanding the clients wants and needs and delivering at every step of the way.

Ready To Book Your Free In Home Consultation?

Give us a call and we will send our designer to your home to chat with your family and answer any questions you have.  We make recommendations and aim to inspire you to get your project started on the right path.

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