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Define Your Property With Border Of Armour Stones.  We can deliver up to 60 tonnes of armour stones in a single truck load.  Due to logistics we can not deliver less than a full load. 

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Armour Stone Decorative Borders

Armour Stone Ottawa provides armour stone for landscape edging to outline and define the boundary of your property. Lining your property with armour stone is eye catching and elegant way to add decoration and style in your yard. It is a great final touch and gives that ranch like feel with what we call “the natural picket fence”.

Can I use Interlock Pavers For My Border?

Of course you can! We are more than armour stone distributors, we are a full service landscape design company. We offer a full catalogue of Tech Bloc and Permacon interlock pavers that can be used in conjunction with or without Armour Stones. Choosing Armour Stone Ottawa means your get a company that is diversified in the services we offer.

Enhanced Security

People overlook the security that decorative armour stone borders add to your home. When combined with a gate, armour stone prevents security threats from driving on your property. Criminals pick and choose their opportunities and the enhanced security that armour stone offers can be enough to deter thieves.

Free In Home Consultation

Want to learn more about how armour stone can replace a perimeter fence? Give us a call and schedule one of our amazing designers to come to your home and discuss ideas. We inspire our clients and work with them in designing the perfect features for for their yard.

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