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Raised Beds

Build stunning raised flower beds and gardens with armour stone borders. 

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The Healthiest Soil and Plants

Due to logistical issues we only deliver 60 tonne truck loads to job sites and landscape contractors.  Our landscape team can deliver and install smaller scale flower beds requiring armour stone designs. 

Raised beds have a lot of benefits over other kinds of gardens. Raised gardens drain the soil better making for richer more easy to maintain soil. They are far easier to access which means you can be more productive when planting, weeding and harvesting. Armour Stone Ottawa designs and builds raised beds as part of your landscaping renovation projects.

Using Armour Stone To Define Boundaries

Raised beds are more defined meaning they are naturally resistant to weed growth. Being off the ground makes a formidable defense against bugs too. Finding the right building material is important to the total design of any Ottawa landscape. For smaller raised beds we can use interlock pavers or precast bricks and for bigger projects we can use armour stone for a more grand appearance… or a mixture of both. There are no boundaries with Armour Stone Ottawa.

Incorporating Armour Stone In Your Design

Often times armour stone is a necessity to help mitigate against slope and drainage. Instead of looking at a wall of rock (which isn’t to everyone’s taste) how about turning it into a raised flower bed complete with terraces and gardens. If you want a true oasis in your yard, Ottawa Armour Stone can design tiered gardens and walls that incorporate stairways.

Free Design Consultation

Armour Stone Ottawa offers a free in home design consult for every customer. During this time we meet in your home and discuss the possibilities and design ideas for your armour stone landscape renovation. Got questions about delivery, logistics and what size of stone to choose? Our team can help you decide which features best suit your lifestyle and budget.

Ready For Armour Stone Raised Planters?

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