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Retaining Wall

Choosing to build with Armour Stone makes a statement about your landscape.

When delivering to landscape contractors we sell armour stone in 60 tonne loads.  When hiring our landscaping contractors we are able to design smaller walls with less than 60 tonnes of stone.  

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Combine Style With Function Build A Retaining Wall

Retaining walls combine functionality and style when it comes to your landscaping project. On properties where there is a slope or grade, retaining walls provide us with a way to even out the yard, prevent erosion, hold back soil and make a nice level surface to build on. Retaining walls need to be strong to withhold tonnes of soil therefore they must be constructed in a way that is guaranteed to last.

Ottawa Retaining Wall Construction

Since 2005 we have been designing, engineering and building retaining walls in Ottawa. Our projects are guaranteed to last. As suppliers and contractors we cut out the middleman and the mark up. Our relationships with local Ontario quarries mean Ottawa clients get access to a wide selection of natural and precast stones for a price that is very competitive.

Retaining Wall Materials

Retaining walls can be used to build planters and gardens or level the slope/grade of a property. The size of the stone is usually relative to the size of the project. A front yard flower bed and porch project might use smaller precast pavers while a retaining wall spanning your entire property line could use 3-5 footlong armour stones. When designing your project we determine the size of stone that matches your needs.

Incorporate Stairs In Your Armour Stone Retaining Wall

When retaining walls are required because of elevation changes it provides an opportunity to do something creative with your landscape design. Adding armour stone stairs and tiered patios is an easy way to improve the usability of the area. Our landscape design team can help you plan out these some details than can be overlooked.

Retaining Wall Permits In Ottawa

Projects over 4 feet tall require a permit and inspection by the City of Ottawa. The project must be signed off by an engineer to ensure the wall is properly constructed and not going to result in injury or liability to the property owner. Permits might not be necessary for tiered retaining walls but it depends on the slope (rise/run) of the wall. Armour Stone Ottawa not only supplies the stones we use but we also are contractors that complete the installation as well. This means you don’t need to worry about the permits, inspections or engineering. We take care of all the details and provide you the paperwork. Choosing Armour Stone Ottawa means you can rest assured that your project is structurally sound and at no risk of collapse.

Step 1: Excavation & Base Preparation

Using string lines we outline the area where the retaining wall is being installed. We excavate a foundation to the depth of one armour stone plus the required crushed stone (usually about 6”). The trench needs to be wider than the armour stone footprint.

After digging the trench for the foundation we fill it with clear stone and compact the base material until the foundation has the desired level and grade.

Step 2: Wall Construction

On top of our foundation we lay the first armour stone from the bottom up. Each stone needs to be placed individually, as well as carefully. With each stone we check the level and backfill material as needed. We try to overlap the armour stones by ¼ length. During the building process it is important to arrange the stones in an aesthetically pleasing way (similar to how you would lay a hardwood floor and match the grain of the wood).

Step 3: Coping Installation

Coping is the finishing touch on the top of your retaining wall. It is not necessary with most armour stone projects. It can be added to provide added decoration and style to your retaining wall.

Step 4: Building Steps

This step can be intermingled with the rest of the steps listed here. Often times as we build the wall higher we will add the steps as required. The required foundation and base material for armour stone steps is the same as the wall itself.

Looking to Build an Armour Stone Retaining Wall?

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