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What is Armour Stone?

Armour Stone is a natural quarry rock that is extremely large in size and usually a uniform rectangular shape.  Armour Stone is drilled and blasted out of the ground in quarries from Ontario and Quebec.  Armour Stone comes in a range of sizes from 8-20” in height, 3-5’ in

length, and 24-36” in depth.

How is Armour Stone Delivered and Moved?

Armour Stone is heavy!  Average sized armour stone is 3’ x 2’ x 2’ and weighs over 2,000lbs.  We deliver the stones on an 18 wheeled transport truck and remove the stones individually using a forklift or Bobcat.  Moving armour stone from the delivery area to the actual project we move them using the Bobcat. 

Will my project require a permit & inspection?

Projects over 4 feet tall require a permit and inspection by the City of Ottawa.  The project must be signed off by an engineer to ensure the wall is properly constructed and not going to result in injury or liability to the property owner.  Permits might not be necessary for tiered retaining walls but it depends on the slope (rise/run) of the wall.  Armour Stone Ottawa not only supplies the stones we use but we also are contractors that install as well.  This means you don’t need to worry about the permits, inspections and engineering.  We take care of all the details and give you the paperwork so you can rest assured your wall is structurally sound and at no risk of collapse.

How much stone do I need for my project?

The math is pretty easy.  To estimate how much armour stone your project needs just multiply the height x length multiply by 425 then divide by 2000.  This number is the estimated amount of armour stone you need in tonnes. 

Is Armour Stone Ottawa Insured?

Yes we have full liability coverage, WSIB and all of our equipment and operators are licensed and insured as well.

Are you certified?

We are certified landscape professionals with affiliations to the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), Techo Bloc and  Permacon. 

Are your designs free?

Yes, and no.  We offer a free in home consultation where we meet, talk about preliminary design ideas and answer all your general questions.  For a full on design with materials, schematics and estimates we take a deposit which is deducted from the final bill of sale.

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